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Chernyshova Tat'yana Ivanovna, doctor of technical sciences, professor, director of Institute of Energy, Instrument-Making and Radioelectronics, Tambov State Technical University (392000, 106 Sovetskaya street, Tambov, Russia),
Tret'yakov Vladimir Vladislavovich, postgraduate student, Tambov State Technical University (392000, 106 Sovetskaya street, Tambov, Russia),

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The method of increase of the metrological resource as main indicator of metrological reliability of information-measuring systems is introduced in the article. The method takes into account the environmental conditions and is based on mathematical modeling of normalized metrological characteristics of designing analog blocks which are parts of the measuring channel of information-measuring systems and includes the parametric optimization algorithm which lets to find the environmental conditions which provide the highest metrological resource level of the designing analog blocks. The developed method realization is illustrated on the example of the typical analog block which is a part of the measuring channel of the nondestructive control of thermalphysic characteristics information-measuring systems – voltage- frequency transformer. Using of the developed method lets to increase the metrological resource of the designing analog blocks of the information-measuring systems more than on 15 %.

Key words

analog block, information-measuring system, mathematical model, metrological reliability, metrological resource, metrological characteristic, environment

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